Some questions about the French "Off-Market".

Far from showcasing and advertising in prestigious magazines or on the Internet, "Off Market" real estate aims to be discrete, without advertisements, posters, and inopportune visits.
This is all the more exclusive as it indicates exceptional goods and targets customers particularly keen to maintain privacy, either as celebrities or for any other legitimate reason.

But this approach of the high-end real estate does put into question whether or not the customer will be satisfied.

From our point of view, the appropriate answers can be found here.


Where can people view property details you propose on this site ?

Currently about 20 properties are entrusted to us to for sale. All are proposed "Off Market". That is to say, they are not widely advertised to allow only visits from buyers which we have carefully selected. Property details are accessible on our site through private and protected access. As an example, you can consult a sample property by using ID "Honore" and password "Pompadour". Please note, this property is presented only as a model. As far as we know it is not for sale, at most it can be let up to 5 years under certain conditions: [ Fill in the 2 fields ] . All our files are treated with the same carefulness.



What sets you apart from the usual classic estate agency ?

Both commercially and from a legal point of view: nothing. The agency holds a professional real estate license and is registered to the Commercial Court like any other agency. Significant commonalities are limited to that. We don’t work in stores with shop window displays and comfortable lounges. Core to our approach is a methodology based on reputation and appointments with buyers and sellers, often via their representatives in France and by the Internet. This methodology has, for a long time, been a constant feature of our way of working.


Networking With no advertising or showing how can you achieve a result ?

Only through our global network of selected correspondents. It operates on the basis of a numeric grapevine effect among powerful and interested people without being confused with a social network scheme.

Time For a seller how long does a sale usually take ?

The same issues concern the Off-Market approach as those of the more traditional means where showcasing and advertising is prevalent. To sell Off- Market indicates a different, unique approach to the typical channels, but is not protected from the usual market conditions. In Paris, for example, if the asking price for a property rests in current and comparable prices (let’s say lower than 2 million €) completion can be achieved within less than 5 months. This deadline can easily amount to several months or one year if the price attracts a number of potential buyers. It should also be pointed out that beyond 20 million € the French demand from individuals is next to nothing. It takes time to target such investors likely to be interested in these properties and to find properties at this level.


Hexagon Do you solely operate in the Paris and Cote d'Azur areas ?

No. Paris and Cote d'Azur are two target areas sought by buyers with whom we work and are marketplaces that we know very well. Other locations are welcome and are thoroughly investigated prior to inclusion in our portfolio. For example we currently hold renowned vineyards, chalets in Alpine ski resorts (Courchevel, Megève), Islands in the Pacific and hunting estates.

DossierWhy is such a heavy dossier and background information required about the buyer ?

Recognizing the value and the quality of the property presented, a complete file, including the genuine intentions of the buyer, is an important precondition in order to avoid any ambiguity from the start and constitutes a level of trust which is the least we owe to our customers. This file should also be extremely clear about the intermediation fees agreement and should specify exactly who is responsible for what. Finally, for substantial amounts, the banking comfort letter is not limited to attest credibility of the potential buyer, but should clearly specify the source of funds. This is a legal requirement. Sellers frequently refuse to come in contact with a buyer if this information is not provided.


Exclusivity Are your sale mandates exclusive?

Generally speaking, yes. We request an exclusive mandate, as required by Loi Hoguet. Exclusivity has, indeed, a key role to play in the confidentiality agreement. It loses all meaning if other agencies are informed. Exclusivity also enables us to gain greater efficiency in our procedures. We can scale-up adequate and effective resources to achieve rapid results without running the risk of presenting to our potential buyers an opportunity already initiated.


Could you provide references ?

Of course. From the initial contact, we may disclose, with their agreement, names of clients including personalities belonging to both the political and artistic worlds who honour us with their confidence.