Both direct Off Market Real Estate Sellers and Buyers can take advantage of our services.

Specialising in outstanding real estate and distinctive estates, Immobiliere Clement deals with those properties that are either discreetly available or Off-Market and therefore not advertised on the open market.

What we offer, for both buyers and sellers who need a high degree of discretion.


We work for buyers who:

- want to look for property off market,

- want to maintain their privacy,

- understand that the sales process is often sophisticated at this level.

We listen to your very specific demands and activate our network to eventually find these properties.

We provide the buyers with some general information about the properties that may be of interest. Subject to the location and price of these Off- Market properties, the list may be limited.

We organize a relationship between the seller and the buyer after the exchange of the contractual documentation

Show the process to enter discussions


We welcome sellers who:

- are sensitive to discreet transactions,

- for any reason don't want their property advertised in newspapers or on real estate websites,

- understand that the process is sophisticated.

Since there is not a clear market price for such outstanding properties, the estimation risk leads us to consider the seller’s asking price as the reference point. We can advise on this issue.

Then we contact the few select customers who may be interested in the property.

This is followed by:

- Checking the buyer’s intentions and financial situation.

- Asking the buyer to complete a ‘tender’ document

- Revealing to the seller the buyer’s ID and transmitting the buyer’s tender

Show the process to enter discussions



Intervention area

    Immobiliere Clement is mainly involved in Paris and the Cote d'Azur but other locations in prominent cities or outstanding places of beauty (such as Courchevel, "Grand cru classé" wineyards, etc.) may be sought.

    In Paris, the most interesting properties are usually located in the 8th district (the so called Triangle d'or"), the Foch Avenue and in the 7th district (Tour Eiffel - Government and ministries district)

    It is no surprise that the off market demand in Paris is along the lines of the patrimonial city map.
    Click on the city arms to view this area which is very representative of the most sought after Paris off-market real estate. (PDF 11.6 mB)

  • Map built by the urban services of Paris city. 2010